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We're an amazing, cool and multicultural team based in Germany and China. We bring the two worlds of art and business together under one roof, oursOver twelve years living in China, working closely with factories and branding companies, we use our experience to help global artists by giving them a safe home for their art. (But we only cooperate with artists who can survive our jokes and videos...) Here they can either visit us with their designs or send their artworks over to us with the trust that their work will lead to many opportunities in Asia but simultaneously be protected by our team. Our  business trips and meetings take place face to face with our clients who need artworks that can be purchased and later collaborated into their own collections for home interior textiles and garments.


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  • Ka Deng Logistic Park,
    15th Zhu Hang Rd, Min Hang District,
    Shanghai China

  • Tel: +862161522927

  • AM HOFSTIFTALLMEY 1A 87439 Kempten,

  • Tel: +4983137798