For Designers

Stop hiding your talent, what if what's in your drawer can be a....? 

To us designers are passionate individuals who love to do graphic design, sketch, paint and screen print or just feel the urge to destroy things and make it look cool. We can work with that.

For Full Time Positions

Foreign Relations Admin

Organizational, Planning, Budgeting and Time Management SKILLS. 

Office Manager

Build strategies and missions, Plan events, business trips and in office activities. Interact daily with TEAM. 

For Internships

To all you interns out there, we take our coffee very seriously, 9am sharp.

But for real we look for people who are unique, independent innovative and yet very responsible (aka can perform while hungover). You will be working at fast past environment collaborating with managers delivering fascinating projects that relate to design, marketing and sales.  So basically whatever you learned at university, forget about it. Sound good?


If you want to learn more send us an email below with the subject being the internship position you’re interested in.


Research, Analysis, Strategy, Travel, Meetings, Deal,     


Video Editing for YouTube

If you didn't get it from the title: Take videos and edit them. Post them on YouTube.

Social Media

Collaborate with the team in order to create content for our social media platforms always keeping in mind the brand’s image and vision.