Growing up a small boy in a family of artists, I saw their everyday struggles and triumphs. My mother was a prototypical artist- One day she was enraged that one of her designs had been stolen, and the next she was euphoric because she had come up with a new brilliant idea.Well, imagine living in fear that you’d come home to find your favorite pair of denims torn up and glued to a canvas. Or worse, your new NIKE Air Jordans melted to slop just for their rubber. Now welcome to my life. She was always unpredictable, but undeniably extraordinary, and she would always tell me “All I want to do is create. Yes, my mother was an incredible artist, but damn, she was a terrible business womanI finally realized what the problem was: artists and business people come from different planets. I vowed that when I stepped into the family business I would stay true to the essence of the artist, while at the same time understanding the needs of the industry. I began small, carrying my mother’s and some other small town designers works.I was both pleased and surprised when requests from many more started pouring in and I quickly learned of another reality amongst artists: fear.When I realized that a voice was the only thing standing between an artist and their idea, I was inspired to help give them the voice that they needed. I understood the life of the artist and the industry, and with this understanding I wanted to create a platform where designers felt comfortable and supported in their work.With this idea Doronisimo was born. Doronisimo is not just about the designer, or the factory, or the deal and the money. It is about what all these actors create when they are combined. It is about turning dreams into realities.



CLM designer from Italy.


Too much ego will kill your talent


Studio Sette designer from Italy.

This is the point